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Title:midiBots, 2011
Details:More stuff-playing robots are comming!
Characters designs for animation awaiting the next version of the MIDI Driver script. Project prepared in cooperation with superb MIDI composer, John Pena.
Hotel's webpage

Title:Hotel's webpage, 2011
Details:Website design and coding for Hotel Grzegorzewski
Hotel's logo

Title:Hotel's logo, 2011
Details:Prepared for Hotel Grzegorzewski
LEGO suburb

Title:LEGO suburb, 2010
Details:Illustration for catalogue and children's book.
The robot, character design

Title:The robot, character design, 2010
Logo of the Faculty of Electronics, Electroenergetics, IT and Automatics TUL

Title:Logo of the Faculty of Electronics, Electroenergetics, IT and Automatics TUL, 2010
Details:Completed for the competition held at the Technical University of Łódź.
Characters design

Title:Characters design, 2009
Details:Completed for further use in an animated short.
Portrait VII

Title:Portrait VII, 2009
Details:Illustration for students project.
Portrait IX

Title:Portrait IX, 2009
Details:Illustration for students project.
Robot's head

Title:Robot's head, 2009
Cardboard model of railway signal equipment

Title:Cardboard model of railway signal equipment, 2009
Details:My own project which aim is to establish a database of cardboard details for railway models and layouts in form of a ready-to-print PDF documents. More at the PKP Repository(temporarily only in Polish).
Advertising leaflet of electronic musical instrument

Title:Advertising leaflet of electronic musical instrument, 2009
Details:Student's project.
The dragon

Title:The dragon, 2008
Details:Sketch-based, vector illustration exercise.
Freight car (part of a model manual)

Title:Freight car (part of a model manual), 2008
Details:Fotoetched model project (tins and assembling manual) for Railway Modelers Club.
5N class motor-car (part of the side view)

Title:5N class motor-car (part of the side view), 2008
Details:The illustration for a model book.

Title:Robofrog, 2008
Red-eyed treefrog, clipart

Title:Red-eyed treefrog, clipart, 2007