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Paweł Adamowicz (pronounce: pavew adamɔvʲʈ͡ʂ), computer artist, also programmer.

Born in Łódź, Poland on 1st January (!) 1986. Lives in Konstantynów Łódzki, Poland.

IT MSc engineer, graduate of Technical University of Łódź (Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, specialization of Computer Graphics and Multimedia).

As a 2D artist:fluent Corel suite user (since version 5), familiar with Adobe software: Photoshop (since CS1), InDesign (since CS3), Illustrator and Flash (since CS5). Had some contact with AutoCAD, Inkscape and Gimp
As a 3D artist:familiar with 3DSMax (since version 8, with VRay), Blender enthusiast (since version 2.48).
As a programmer:fluent in C/C++ and Java, familiar with Python. In the past, happen to use Pascal, Basic, COBOL, Assembler and Ada95.
As a webmaster:fluent in HTML/XHTML, CSS, familiar with PHP/MySQL and JavaScript
As an office worker:fluent user of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. Currently, for writing using only LaTeX.
Practical skills:vector illustration, vehicles and complex mechanisms visualization, concept art, character design, interface and website design, website creation, logos design, text composition, posters and leaflets design.
Privately:railway enthusiast, amateur photographer, cyclist.